About The Bantetsu

The Bantetsu is the team of 「STREET FIGHTER III 3rd STRIKE」 since 2000.

Customers at the game center "Amipara kokojya" in Hiroshima prefecture Higashi Hiroshima City made The Bantetsu.

The Bantetsu members consisted of "Hiroshima University students", "local origin gamers", "community people who came to the area at work".

The team was a group of scattered people.

However, in retrospect, We got famous players called "OJA" and "EAST".

We were able to make wonderful content like "Geneiin - Usage"

This is also thanks to everyone.

Higashihiroshima city is also an area where transportation is inconvenient.

However, there were people who came to the expedition from outside the prefecture.

We are all very good memories and I am grateful.

But time goes on.

Eventually the members were scattered throughout the country due to their circumstances.

As far as I can tell, no one is left in Higashihiroshima.

But the 「Street Fighter Ⅲ-3rd」 nationwide convention is still being held

And we are still gathering and playing

As much as we can each ...

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